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Re: Watcha doin? - a hobby thread

Post by starjots » Sun Oct 02, 2022 10:38 am

This has been the summer and fall of home improvement. At this point it's more of a job than a hobby.

We've own an adobe house in Albuquerque that for eight years has been rented by the room to friends of one kid. He decided to move to Denver, informed his friends, and all the tenants decamped at once. We were left with a house we had never finished improving that we'd always thought deserved to be made nicer than it was.

We're not done yet, but the end is in sight. Contractors re-piped the house and did the drywall work, and we are repainting the interior, refinishing floors, clearing out an immense amount of junk, redoing the kitchen, landscaping, etc. At the moment we working 50 hours a week with the end goal of turning it over to a property manager and not f'ing with it for some time to come.

This is the thirteenth or fourteenth time I've painted the interior of a house, and I've developed a particular pleasure in picking out a color scheme and executing it. Pros in this line of business generally spray everything a bland neutral, but I'm a diehard brush and roller man and hence, much slower. Recently I realized that 90% of life is brush work.

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Re: Watcha doin? - a hobby thread

Post by HighlyIrregular II » Mon Oct 03, 2022 8:14 pm

Speaking of brush work, I'm applying joint compound over plaster and I have to paint it. Its soft plaster, except for the base coat which is exposed in a few spots. It's soft because of however the plasterer screwed up...too much water, overworking, retempering, additives, or whatever. The primer I used for the first phase failed a masking tape pull test miserably but the compound hasn't fallen in the year since I did it. Now I have a better primer, but...well, I won't go too deep into it but it's a tricky situation and I won't trust anyone else to fix it. So, since rolling paint creates like a suction and can cause plaster to fall, the safest way to paint my work would be with a brush. But I'm not going to try painting overhead with a brush (I don't think) so I'll risk using a roller. What I'd really like to do it spray paint it.

Also, I've been making home made paper bags from painters paper. I use the bags to throw stuff out because I have plenty of the paper and I don't want to pay for plastic bags. I just leave the paper bags of garbage in the compactor room of my building and let them plastic bag it.

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