Dental overeruption

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Dental overeruption

Post by HighlyIrregular » Wed Jun 23, 2021 7:07 pm

When you have a tooth pulled, you supposedly have to have it replaced unless the opposing tooth is pulled, to prevent overeruption of the opposing tooth, but I wonder if that's done too often and I have an idea for an alternative. ... reruption/
Because of the lack of opposing force...there is a tendency for the tooth to erupt outside the line of the occlusion...typically referred to as overeruption, hypereruption, supraeruption, supereruption or continuous eruption...It is more common for unopposed upper jaw molars to overerupt compared to unopposed lower jaw molars...root surfaces can be exposed to the oral environment which increases the risk for dental caries or cavities...[studies show] overeruption was limited to two mm...tooth replacement is not the recommended treatment plan...and poor quality of evidence. Overeruption is typically treated by directing the tooth back to the intended position using orthodontic techniques, or by cutting the interfering portion of the tooth and installing a crown.
That's from an orthodontist's website. No doubt dental professionals with different specialties would say something different, which I've seen with what periodontists recommend compared to dentists.

So, if you get a wisdom tooth removed, it sounds like the opposing one may not need to be removed. I wonder what the "orthodontic techniques" mentioned are. Permanent braces? Moving a tooth partially into the space of the pulled tooth?

How about just taking really good care of your teeth and using fluoride mouthwash to prevent a root cavity from the less than 2mm of exposed root that may occur. My other idea is just to chew lightly on something like a popsicle stick to keep the unopposed tooth in place, like maybe just once a day.

Because my wisdom tooth chipped months ago and I'm forming arguments for the simplest possible corrective procedure. I just want a filling!
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