2021 Hide and Seek Awards

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2021 Hide and Seek Awards

Post by SomeInternetBloke » Mon Aug 02, 2021 6:56 pm


1. First place: For Ireland's Metals being unviewable from Chile. ( :palm: fml)
2. Second place: For Limey (paging Limey, please report to the shit shop to receive your tat). :w00t: ( :palm: fml)
2. Runner-up: For Ashi! You get a cookie.

*C.M. nabs the treat, shoves it into a syringe and instantly drifts off into a cloud of happiness* :cookies: mm drugs.

Ashi, now you get nothin. We all know you be lurkin' any how. :hi:

geez when you write this bad might as well stop while I'm ahead.

I'm walking anti-endorsement for having killed too many brain cells.

re-edit: that is Tuesday, I'm intentionally being obtuse.

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