2021 Hide and Seek Awards

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2021 Hide and Seek Awards

Post by SomeInternetBloke » Mon Aug 02, 2021 6:56 pm


1. First place: For Ireland's Metals being unviewable from Chile. ( :palm: fml)
2. Second place: For Limey (paging Limey, please report to the shit shop to receive your tat). :w00t: ( :palm: fml)
2. Runner-up: For Ashi! You get a cookie.

*C.M. nabs the treat, shoves it into a syringe and instantly drifts off into a cloud of happiness* :cookies: mm drugs.

Ashi, now you get nothin. We all know you be lurkin' any how. :hi:

geez when you write this bad might as well stop while I'm ahead.

I'm walking anti-endorsement for having killed too many brain cells.

re-edit: that is Tuesday, I'm intentionally being obtuse.
"My favourite song from one of my favourite albums, Nena asking you to please, please let her be your pirate. So smooth and joyful, I have to listen to it three times if I listen once" - ashi

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